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Whitefish Review is a nationally-acclaimed, non-profit journal publishing the distinctive literature, art, and photography of mountain culture. Author Doug Peacock has called it, “One of the most refreshing journals to hit the literary scene in years.”

Featuring established and emerging authors and artists, Whitefish Review weaves a diverse mix of stories, interviews and conversations along with a 16-page color art section. It is published twice a year, in December and June. As a recognized 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation created for the public good, it is supported by generous donations, grants, and subscriptions.

The journal has featured interviews with Tom Brokaw, Russell Chatham, David James Duncan, John Irving, Tom McGuane, and Terry Tempest Williams, and published the original work of Rick Bass, Douglas H. Chadwick, Pete Fromm, Pam Houston, Doug Peacock, Rick DeMarinis, Annick Smith, Jack Turner, William Kittredge and many other distinguished authors.

While publishing some of the finest voices in the American West and beyond, the journal is also discovering and launching promising writers and artists. Every issue features a previously unpublished writer or artist chosen by the editors, as part of their mission to discover and nurture budding talent. Often these writers and artists are featured in events alongside famous literary and art figures.


The Change Issue

Change has always been intrinsic to living. Most of us change our jobs, partners, houses, diet, hair, college major, and car multiple times during our life. Some of these changes are forced by circumstances beyond our control, others are our way of making intuitive and creative leaps, rebelling, our path and our bliss, taking wild chances, shifting gears. While not all such changes are easy, many lead to very positive outcomes in our lives.

However, we are also living in a time of vast, sweeping global change that is affecting every living being on Earth. The world is heating up, leading to what has become known as the Sixth Extinction. Against the backdrop of global change, our life choices take on even greater meaning. And we are learning that as a society, acknowledging such change entails saying goodbye on personal to global scales—and redefining ourselves and how we live and relate to all living beings.

In this issue of Whitefish Review we explore change and all it means today. We are seeking fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art on the theme of change. We are especially looking for submissions about how people have responded to change, both personal and global, turned challenges into inspiration, found humor in even the most difficult times, and grown in the process. What do loose change, sex change, and menopause mean amid rising sea levels? What are we doing as world citizens, artists, and scholars to adapt to and mitigate global change? What are our sources of hope? What can we say about our society’s resistance to change?

Where do we find our wellspring of inspiration? And where are we to go from here?

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Photo: Noah Couser

Photo: Noah Couser

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Brian Schott founded Whitefish Review in 2007. His recent fiction has been featured in Big Sky Journal and Camas. He is a travel correspondent for The Boston Globe and a contributing writer at Mountain magazine. His stories and photos have appeared in national publications like the New York Post, New York Daily News, CNN Travel, USA Today, and many others. He holds both a Bachelor and a Master of Arts degree from Dartmouth College. See some of his writing and photography at

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